David McWilliams – Economics course

Produced, filmed & offline edited a 9 x 1 hour economics course launched on https://www.udemy.com in July 2013. Here is a short sample.

Association of Convenience Stores, UK.

Produced filmed & edited animated content for ACS annual conference. ACS are based in Hampshire & are the voice representing over 33,000 local shops.

Body & Soul Festival 2013

Worked with the festival on their 2013 environmental strategy. Produced / edited & filmed an environmental awareness video & also provided photographic content. Check out the video here. Music by Sounds of System Breakdown from their great new album Nomad.

Herbfeast 2013

Shot & edited a short promo for Herbfeast 2013 taking place May 24th – 26th, 2013 at The Organic Centre Rossinver, Co Leitrim.

Punk Economics – Economics in the Dock

Latest Punk Economics from David McWilliams now online, takes a look at the irrationality of a lot of the financial decisions we make. Two great tracks from Galway band It Was All A Bit Black & White. More of their music here.


Produced in house animated videos for drugs giant Pfizer. Launched in January 2013.

Aggreko PLC – What We Do

Produced, filmed & edited an animation piece for Aggreko PLC in Scotland, launched at their annual conference in January 2013. Working on six other language versions at the moment. Animation by Dublin based artist Mark Flood. Music by Stefan Galt, have a listen to some more of his tunes over on Soundcloud….

Subtitle European Film Festival

Filmed this years inaugural Subtitle Film Festival. Hugely successful weekend in Kilkenny City. Shot interviews and provided general coverage. Amazing films all weekend from some of Europe’s finest directors & film makers. Make sure to check it out in 2013. Lots of Irish talent in attendance also including Jim Sheridan, Amy Hubberman & Robert Sheehan. Check out some of the interviews here from Mikael Persbrandt & Jeanette Klintberg, if you understand Sweedish!

Dame Lane Xmas Market & More

Filmed several bands playing at this years Christmas Market with Creamy Sonic Studios. Covered conferences for Oxfam & World Vision Ireland. Speakers included Nora Owen & Mary Robinson.

Punk Economics – The Global Food Economy

Latest Punk Economics from David McWilliams launched to a full house in Sydney this November at Sydney Talk Event. Music from Mutefish, Eric McGrath & It Was All A Bit Black & White. Great tunes, check out these bands…

Kilkenomics FestivalNovember ’12

Filmed many of the shows from this years Economics/Comedy festival in Kilkenny City. Events took place in many venues including Cleeres, Set Theatre & The Hole in The Wall. Some of the people featured include Max Keiser the American broadcaster/filmmaker & host of The Keiser Report, Bill Black, Barry Murphy, Fintan O’ Toole, David McWilliams, Matina Stevis, Paul McCully & many more. Shows will be released throughout 2013. Check out www.kilkenomics.ie for more details.

Punk Economics – Kilkenomics Promo

Just finished producing/filming & editing my first Punk Economics, the regular web show directed by Irish Economist David McWilliams & illustrated by artist Mark Flood. Best of luck to the shows old producer Mary Catherine Brouder with her adventures in New York City. Big thanks to Sounds of System Breakdown for the use of their music. New album from them coming in the new year, make sure to check it out! Click here for latest PE.

Kilkenomics – Economics & Comedy festival & more.

Kilkenomics returns to Kilkenny city this November. A great way to learn about the real economic issues effecting ordinary peoples lives. Economists & comedians attending this years event include, David McWilliams, Megan Greene, Bill Black, Max Keiser, Barry Murphy, Neil Delamere, Karl Spain & many more to be confirmed. Check out the 2012 promo here. Been busy filming many events including live video work and corporate work & in pre-production for some very interesting projects…

Knockanstockan Live 2011 - DVD

Featuring performances from King Modo, Louis Barabbas, Barley Mob, Raglans,Bipolar Empire, The Candidates, Lotus Eater, The Hot Sprockets, Absolutely Curtains, Sounds of System Breakdown, Pete & The Purehearts, Tongue Bundle, Veroa, New Secret Weapon, Hassle Merchants, The Cujo Family & lots more… Available to buy from Knockanstockan.ie website, Tower Records or drop me an email.







Knockanstockan – More teasers

A few more live videos have been uploaded to the new KnockanstockanLive Youtube channel(Also featured on Music page). Bands featured are Dublin Roots outfit I Draw Slow, Kildare band King Modo, Raglans, Veroa & Bipolar Empire. DVD launch on June 29th, 2012 at 6.30pm in The Ormonde Wine bar on Ormonde Quay, Dublin. Free Pizza… hope you can make it!







Knockanstockan Live DVD Teaser

I have been working on & off through out the year on this project with Tris Dalton of 147 Studios. We shot full sets and part sets from about 50 bands from 2011′s festival. We are getting close to finishing a DVD including 17 full tracks & other highlights from the festival. Here’s a sample of what’s to come featuring Dublin band, Hassle Merchants.

Body & Soul Festival :: Shapeshifters Ball

Finally it’s here! Had a great time working on this project with The Queens of Neon aka Sharon Greene & Amo Downey. We assembled a great crew who all worked very hard to make our vision a reality. A huge thank you to Brodie Sullivan for assistance, Jennifer O’ Brien on make up, Emmy Lugoye, Dei Hegarty, Dave Hegarty, Emily Robyn Archer, Aoife Banville, Annie June Callaghan, Kim McCafferty, Pam Ward, Andreas Pettersson, Susie Boyle & Dan on lighting, Andy Barlow of LOWB for music & everybody else that made our video and photoshoot weekend such a success! Check it out here on Vimeo. Here’s a still from the shoot …





Hassle Merchants & more

Finished edit & grade on Hassle Merchants video for ‘The Wolf’. Some serious computer problems but got there in the end. Check it out here. Finishing promo piece for Body & Soul festival at the moment, will be ready for launch in very near future. Footage from Knockanstockan 2011 is all coming together as well, only short time to go now until launch.


Was away on sunny adventures in Oz & Asia during Jan/Feb! Great time! Since then worked on projects for Concern Ireland, filmed & edited coverage of the Irish Hockey teams efforts to reach this summers Olympics, unfortunately they missed out in the last 10 secs of the final against Korea. Worked on a shoot for Cadburys, edited a project for AIB, press coverage of Ireland V England rugby match, production & shoot for Body & Soul festival and a few other corporate shoots.

December 2011

Worked on projects for Eircom, O2 Awards at The Mansion House, Home Cook Hero Awards in The Shelbourne, Arnotts, Henry St, Concern Ireland, produced/edited content for The Irish Joint Consortium on Gender Based Violence and shot a video for Dublin band Hassle Merchants. Knockanstockan festival footage coming together and should be ready for a launch round April, really looking forward to it. Happy 2012 to everybody!


Brazilian Rock band, Medulla visited Ireland this November. They recorded a new track at a Dublin studio.. sounds amazing.. A band worth checking out! Footage from the recording session coming soon..

Naas Court Hotel:

Shot highlights from The Naas Court Hotels Halloween Party…Some amazing costumes! Online here

IL Fico Restaurant:

Just finished producing a promo for IL Fico, Italian Restaurant in Kilcullen Co. Kildare. Went online in the last few days. Check it out here

Recent Work:

Recently did camera work on projects for Renault Ireland, 3 Mobile & the FAI. Also covered events at the GAA Allstars in Dublin’s Convention Centre and filmed interviews & coverage of the Presidential Candidates at the Newstalk/Google Presidential debate at Google HQ. Well done to Michael D. Higgins!

Camera Rental:

Special offer on Sony Ex3 camera rental from October 7th to November 7th. Prices from €100 per day. Best value in town! Check out the Rentals page for details.

The Hot Sprockets – ‘Honeyskippin’ Album Launch:

Just finished editing this which I shot in May(now August!). Been a busy summer working at loads of music festivals so delighted I eventually got round to finishing it. I’m a big fan of this band and hope that this is just another piece of work that can help them along their way to playing Wembley! The lads are busy at the moment writing & recording new material… Looking forward to hearing it…Check it out.

Knockanstockan Festival:

Had a very busy weekend at Knockanstockan festival in Ballyknockan, Co. Wicklow where myself & a team of camera people shot the last three headliners on the main stage each night. Lot’s of other bands were also covered through out the days, footage is looking great, hours & hours of editing ahead. Ireland really does have a wealth of talented musicians that I don’t think get the recognition they deserve. Big respect to everybody involved. Some of the bands to look forward to are Blind Yakety, New Secret Weapon & The Hot Sprockets… Stay tuned!

Guinness & Mars Ireland:

I did a camera assist job recently up in a large warehouse in Guinness’s with part of the Irish Rugby team for a new Guinness phone app. Nice lighting set up and great space to work in. Footage looks great. I’ll post some stuff up when it becomes available. Also shot some stuff at a corporate night for Mars Ireland. Lots of fun was had & a great location….

Body & Soul Festival: Queens Go Wildside:

Check out recent promo I shot edited & directed for ‘Queens Go Wildside’ Banquet that will be taking place this June 18th & 19th at Body & Soul Festival in Ballinlough Castle, Co. Westmeath. Shot over an afternoon, lot’s of fun was had as well as lot’s of champagne! Music was composed by Brendan Roth & Co of electro outfit Datadrip, thanks for your hard work. www.datadrip.net.

Make Up by Jennifer O’Brien, Styled by Queens of Neon and our fabulous models; Jean & Eugene Greene, Ruth Barry, Jennifer O’Brien, Emmy Lugoye, John Bird, Peter Fingleton. And not forgetting our right hand man and bunny rabbit-Kev Tierney. Voice over by Raul Fernadez Gomez, thanks Raul! Check out the promo here…..

Ned Egan, Poet:

Recently filmed a short piece on Co. Kilkenny poet, Ned Egan. Spent an afternoon in Ned’s farm house where we discussed his inspirations and listened to him recite several poems. Check it out here.


Dublin band Zealots came into Radio Na Life studios recently to perform two tracks. I’ve been a big fan of this band for a while now so I was delighted to get the opportunity to film them in action. They are due to release a new album in 2011…looking forward to it! Check the two tracks out on the Music page…..

Joint Consortium on Gender Based Violence:

Shot & edited another conference from The Joint Consortium. The event took place at the Irish Aid & Volunteering Centre on O’ Connell St, Dublin. Many International speakers took part including Dr Gary Barker. More info can be found at www.gbv.ie . Click here for Part 1.


Edited four tracks from a Kila gig I shot with Myles O’ Reilly of Arbutus Yarns last year. Been a work in progress for a while, editing it in my spare time. There was a great atmosphere in the Draoícht Arts Centre, Blanchardstown, Dublin on the night. Kila mainly played songs from their rather chilled album ‘Soísín’. Beautiful music, I hope you enjoy.

Naas Court Hotel:

Took a trip down to Naas last weekend to shoot some of the highlights from their Customer Appreciation Night. Lots of free cocktails flowed & everybody looked to be having a great time! Video here….

Henrietta Game:

Alt-folk band Henrietta Game paid a visit to Radio Na Life studios for an interview and to play a few tunes. Check out an Irish version of one of their songs (Ag Deireadh Gach Aon Ní) that they played in the Music section.Check them out in summer 2011 at one of the many Irish music festivals that they are playing.

Joint Consortium on Gender based Violence:

Filmed & edited a conference for the Joint Consortium on Gender Based Violence. Guest speakers included Margot Walstrom, United Nations Representative, Mary Robinson, Brendan Howlin TD, Minister Mary White & many more. Discussing the Irish & International action plans on Gender Based Violence & much more. First part here….

Premier Skills Ireland shoot:

Shot & edited a serious of interviews for Premier Skills Ireland. Players interviewed were Don Hutchison, ex Scotland & Liverpool legend, Paul Walsh, ex England, Spurs & Liverpool legend, John Wark & several others. More to come shortly…

Romio Shrestha:

Been working on a friends documentary about the world renowned Nepalese artist Romio Shrestha. Romio was born into a Newar family in Katmandu in Nepal. When he was five years old, two Tibetan Buddhist monks arrived at the door. Romio, they said, was the seventeenth reincarnation of the master Tibetan T’angka painter Arniko and they gave to him a stock of valuable art materials, explaining that he would, one day, form his own school of painting. More on this to come soon….


Redkid came into Radio Na Life studios recently to record some live tracks for An Meangadh Mór radio show. A talented bunch who have been playing together since 2003. I have seen them play at many Irish summer festivals.Ronan Turners energetic performances never fail to impress! Hope to hear some new material from them in the near future. Check out their live studio performance here .


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