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Financial Asset Management - Switzerland

Dublin Christmas Flea

Dublin Christmas Flea Market

Blooming Bees

The All Ireland Pollinator Plan


If we want the best, we must invest

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What we do

Holocaust Memorial

Mansion House, Round Room, Dublin 2018

Facing Addiction

Facing Addiction Together


Fire Safety Explainer Video

Kilkenomics 2017



Why the Fed simply doesn't get it

PunkFT - Financial Times


McSquared Animation

The Coming War between Trump & The Fed

The Financial Times

Negative rates defy gravity

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Outsider Economics

Rob Walsh

Ireland's Eye

The Abbey Theatre

Theatre of Change

PunkFT - Financial Times

EU models for a post-Brexit UK

Hitachi Consulting

Where is the oil & gas industry going in 2016?

The Abbey Theatre

The Theatre of War Symposium

Punk Economics

The Eurozone and why America is terrified

Druid Theatre

Big Maggie promo

Subtitle Film Festival

European Film Festival, Kilkenny, Ireland.

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Britain - The Balkans of Europe?

Kilkenomics 2015

Promo 2015

Woodford Funds

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Done Deal

Tomorrow's Ireland

The SmartOcean Forum

Titanic Centre Belfast

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The Real story on the Eurozone...

Newton Faulkner

'Indecision' & Interview


Highlights 2013

Queens of Neon

Queens, Queers & Tarts

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Economics in the Dock


Financial Times Article

Gender Based Violence

Voices from the front line

Aggreko PLC

What We Do

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The Kidnapper wears Prada

Body & Soul

Shapeshifters Ball 2012

Hassle Merchants

The Wolf – Music Video

The Hot Sprockets

Album Launch

Naas Court Hotel

Halloween 2013


Sustainability Video 2013


The Raymond Crotty Lecture

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Women's Wedges


Promo 2013


Check My Machine - Live


Go – Live

I Draw Slow

Low Down Girl – Live

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The Global Food Economy

David McWilliams

Online course

IL Fico

Italian Restaurant, Co Kildare


Down – Live

Ned Egan


Body & Soul

Queens go Wildside Banquet


Little Hisses – Live


Association of Convenience Stores

Gender Based Violence

Learning Day

King Modo

Die & Dance – Live


Seo Mo Leaba – Live in Dublin

Hassle Merchants

Run Rabbit Run – Live

Hot House Flowers

Your Love Goes On – Music Video

Why use whiteboard animation?

You need to get a point across, and it needs to be done simply…