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Entrepreneurs’ Organisation

EO is a global members group for business owners that is designed to engage leading entrepreneurs, helping them to learn and grow. It is run by volunteers from its members; the business owners. EO is a not-for-profit organization.

It has over 13,000 members, in 188 chapters in 58 countries – employing over 3.4 million employees.


We were there to cover one of their many chapter retreats, giving a flavour of the benefits members receive throughout the year. Verne Harnish, the founder of EO was in Ireland for the retreat giving a very inspirational business growth workshop.

Central Bank of Ireland

In early 2019 we successfully tendered to complete an animated explainer series for The Central Bank of Ireland. The aim of the animated videos was to further develop the public’s understanding of the role of the Central Bank.

Each video focuses on addressing and answering a question that a member of the public may ask about the Central Bank.

We completed all aspects of production from script development, story boarding, production, audio design & mixing to final delivery.

With a series like this we needed to appeal to a wide demographic. The series was launched towards the end of 2019 with over 20 minutes of animation completed. It has been used on the banks website & for educational purposes in schools through out Ireland. The remainder of the series will be published throughout 2020.

In February 2020 the series won the Best in Financial services award at the annual Digital Media Awards. We were delighted & had a great night celebrating!

The series is nominated for several more awards later in the year so fingers crossed.

Photographer – Paul Sherwood
Digital Media Awards 2020, The Clayton Hotel, Burlington Road, Dublin. February 2020

Here are the first 3 episodes in the series.

What does the Central Bank of Ireland do?

How does the Central Bank of Ireland fund itself?

What is the Central Bank of Ireland’s role in Europe?



We produced this whiteboard animation for the fire & access consultancy company, Fisca in Co. Sligo.

A 2 minute whiteboard animation like this takes approximately 3 weeks to produce from when we receive a script.

Do you want to explain what your business does? Get in touch & we’d be happy to help.

Kilkenomics 2017

2018 saw the eighth edition of Kilkenomics festival take place in Ireland’s sunny south east. Over the years the festival has brought some of the worlds finest economists, media commentators & comedians to Kilkenny City to discuss the major issues facing the world today. As they say: it’s serious but it’s fun too!

We have filmed hundreds of shows over the years & have learned a lot about economics along the way!

Here is a short piece from Cleere’s theater & the 2017 promo.

The Financial Times

Punk Economics and FT economics writer Martin Sandbu bring to you an animated explainer on the economics you need to know: why official interest rates are now negative in a quarter of the global economy without causing, so far, massive cash withdrawals.

More episodes on the way in the near future. Follow us on facebook for updates.


Aggreko PLC

Aggreko approached Click Zoom to simplify their complex brand identity using our unique animation style: they wanted people to understand exactly what it is they do. We produced, filmed and edited this animation piece which launched at their annual conference in January 2013, having developed the script, music, voice-over & tone in consultation with them. We’ve now adopted the video into six different languages for this worldwide company.