Why use whiteboard animation?

You need to get a point across, and it needs to be done simply and attractively, not to mention in keeping with a professional style. And it needs to be branded.

This is going to cost an arm and a leg, right? Not necessarily, because the costs that would usually go on studio time, a director, a camera crew – not to mention actors involved or covering the time off for an employee – can all be negated by using whiteboard animation instead.

It’s not just famous actors and actresses, many of us can turn into prima donnas in front of the camera, and employees who are roped into producing a company video are not professionals and are likely to get nervous.

Putting together a 2D explainer video means no acting complications to consider – you create the characters, put them in the locations you want, without the expense of having to fly all over the world!

Images, fast movements, music – anything to keep the viewers engaged – they can all be done far more easily with whiteboard animation. Research has found that white board animations are 800% more engaging than written words and four times as impactful as a real person on screen, and it’s not hard to see why.

The best whiteboard animation services will offer you everything in one package – the scriptwriters, voice over artists and animators that can make your 2D explainer video stay in the memory, and serve as a direct lead generation tool.

In situations where it isn’t possible to meet a potential customer face to face or communicate via Skype, a whiteboard animation allows you to deliver an effective sales pitch, just by inserting a link or attachment of the video into an email.

For marketing purposes, if you want to spread your content far and wide, whiteboard animations have a wonderful element of ‘shareability’, meaning should you have something produced which is engaging, as well as being informative, funny or controversial, you could find it shared across professional networks such as LinkedIn.

They can even inform your in-house training. How many times have we come close to dozing off during a training course, either in or out of the office? Presenting a fun whiteboard animation grabs the attention more than the voice of a manager you hear every day. Try it and see your employees’ eyes lock in!