McSquared Animation

Here is the first episode of a new animation called ‘McSquared’ we worked on with two great economists. David Mcwilliams is a well known Irish economist, broadcaster & author. Paul McCulley is an American economist and former managing director at PIMCO. He coined the terms “Minsky moment” and “shadow banking system”, which became famous during the Financial crisis of 2007–2009.

The animation is a mixture of 2d & whiteboard animation. In this episode they discuss ‘The Coming War between Trump & The Federal Reserve’.

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PunkFT – Financial Times

In the latest collaboration between Punk Economics and the FT, Martin Sandbu delves into the economic realities of a Donald Trump presidency. This whiteboard animation was launched just before the recent US election & ignited lots of colourful debate on the FT’s website. Now all we have to do is sit back, relax & see how true it all turns out to be!

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The Financial Times

Punk Economics and FT economics writer Martin Sandbu bring to you an animated explainer on the economics you need to know: why official interest rates are now negative in a quarter of the global economy without causing, so far, massive cash withdrawals.

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PunkFT – Financial Times

Will the war on inequality and rise of populism see a return to the economics of the 1970s? FT Weekend, in collaboration with Punk Economics, takes a look at the ‘assault on the elites’.

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Rob Walsh

In 1852 both Ireland & England were gripped with the sensational murder trial of William Kirwan. He was an artist based in Dublin & regularly visited the small island ‘Ireland’s Eye’ a short distance off the coast of Howth to paint & swim with his wife. In September of 1852 she died under suspicious circumstances. In this short doc, musician Rob Walsh speaks to local man Aidan McManus about the enduring mystery & takes a trip to the island…

The Abbey Theatre

At the beginning of 2016, The Theatre of Change Symposium focused on the changes facing Ireland in the very near future.

If you were to create a new State today what would your concerns be?
What role will theatre and culture play in shaping this new society?

Across three days speakers presented a wide range of viewpoints – artists explored issues of The Body of The State / Ireland’s body politic, journalists and legislators wrestling with the implications of Big Data, and advocates and activists challenging laws and policy on reproductive rights, civil liberties and equality.

The Theatre of Change Symposium aims to recall the primary value in this Republic, of theatre as live public forum.

We filmed again this year over three days & thoroughly enjoyed the diverse range of speakers. Penny Arcade above talks about the nature of change, revolution & altruism. Lots more shows can be found on The Abbey Theatre’s Youtube channel.

PunkFT – Financial Times

Now the UK has chosen to trade in its EU membership, which new model of trade relations does it want instead with the rest of Europe? The FT’s Martin Sandbu takes you on a tour of the post-Brexit showroom. This whiteboard animation has been the FT’s highest viewed video to date! The PunkFT team love it when a plan comes together & our content is engaged with & shared far & wide. Get in touch today to see how we can help your company!

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Hitachi Consulting

Where is the oil & gas industry going in 2016? Economist David McWilliams delves into the industry with the help from a host of characters from J.R Ewing to Sir John Stewart Mill.

The Abbey Theatre

In January 2015 we filmed 3 action packed days of The Abbey Theatre’s War Symposium in Dublin. The symposium is a unique gathering of artists, journalists & academics discussing the world’s most troubling conflicts from a global, contemporary and historical perspective. There were invited theatre artists from Burundi, Columbia, Syria, Palestine, Rwanda, Ireland and the United Kingdom to discuss the challenges of artists responding to conflict. The above video is from Ray Dolphin – Researcher and Writer currently based in East Jerusalem, working with the UN office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs giving one of the best examples I’ve ever seen on the extent of Israels invasion into Palestinian territory. A must watch for anybody interested in this conflict. Lots more interesting speakers on The Abbey Theatre’s Youtube channel.

Punk Economics

“As Europe’s economy gets caught in a liquidity trap, why America is petrified of the coming major alliance between Russia and Germany”. Irish economist David McWilliams gives his latest take on world economics issues.