Here is the second episode of a new animation called ‘McSquared’ we worked on with two great economists. David Mcwilliams is a well known Irish economist, broadcaster & author. Paul McCulley is an American economist and former managing director at PIMCO. He coined the terms “Minsky moment” and “shadow banking system”, which became famous during the Financial crisis of 2007–2009.

The animation is a mixture of 2d & whiteboard animation. In this episode they discuss ‘Why The Federal Reserve simply doesn’t get it’.

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PunkFT – Financial Times

In the latest collaboration between Punk Economics and the FT, Martin Sandbu delves into the economic realities of a Donald Trump presidency. This whiteboard animation was launched just before the recent US election & ignited lots of colourful debate on the FT’s website. Now all we have to do is sit back, relax & see how true it all turns out to be!

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The Financial Times

Punk Economics and FT economics writer Martin Sandbu bring to you an animated explainer on the economics you need to know: why official interest rates are now negative in a quarter of the global economy without causing, so far, massive cash withdrawals.

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