Central Bank of Ireland

In early 2019 we successfully tendered to complete an animated explainer series for The Central Bank of Ireland. The aim of the animated videos was to further develop the public’s understanding of the role of the Central Bank.

Each video focuses on addressing and answering a question that a member of the public may ask about the Central Bank.

We completed all aspects of production from script development, story boarding, production, audio design & mixing to final delivery.

With a series like this we needed to appeal to a wide demographic. The series was launched towards the end of 2019 with over 20 minutes of animation completed. It has been used on the banks website & for educational purposes in schools through out Ireland. The remainder of the series will be published in the first half of 2020.

Here are the first 3 episodes in the series.

What does the Central Bank of Ireland do?

How does the Central Bank of Ireland fund itself?

What is the Central Bank of Ireland’s role in Europe?