Irish Primary schools have been underfunded for years. This year Irish primary management bodies have come together to lobby for the restoration and increase in the capitation grant. The capitation grant received at present only covers 52% of day to day running costs. Please watch / share and lobby your local TD. It was a pleasure working with CPSMA in producing this animation.

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Supply Technologies

Supply Technologies are a global supply chain management company. We produced this whiteboard animation for them to use at conferences & events worldwide.

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Kilkenomics 2017

2018 saw the eighth edition of Kilkenomics festival take place in Ireland’s sunny south east. Over the years the festival has brought some of the worlds finest economists, media commentators & comedians to Kilkenny City to discuss the major issues facing the world today. As they say: it’s serious but it’s fun too!

We have filmed hundreds of shows over the years & have learned a lot about economics along the way!

Here is a short piece from Cleere’s theater & the 2017 promo.

Subtitle Film Festival

Click Zoom partnered with SUBTITLE to produce, film and edit all of the festival’s video content. It’s Ireland’s newest film festival and presents a unique opportunity to catch some of the most popular European films that can’t be found at the multiplex, so we jumped on board. Actors, directors, casting agents and industry talent were interviewed and filmed all over Kilkenny in the sunny south east of Ireland during the festival.

Our video packages were distributed to TV stations all over Europe and key online film channels, to highlight the amazing talent that descended on the city for the weekend. We’re looking forward to working with this amazing festival for years to come.