We love helping our clients to stand out with our whiteboard animation videos. At ClickZoom, we are passionate about capturing the complex and making it simple. With our 100% customised, hand-drawn whiteboard animations, we create engaging explainer videos that can help simplify and enhance your message. We can help you deliver your message in a fun, easy going way by creating a great learning tool for your business or service through our artwork.

While some of our competitors use computer generated animations, our animations are 100% hand-drawn, customised especially to your project’s requirements for more engaging results. Did we mention we love helping our clients to stand out?

Our experienced team is fast, fun, flexible and reliable. An average turn around for our whiteboard animations is one month, but we are adaptable and can work within tighter deadlines if necessary. We work with clients all over the world, from Ireland, France and the UK to Germany and the US with clients such as Webport Global, Pfizer, The Financial Times, Aggreko, Aereco, Hitachi and Kilkenomics.

To find out how our whiteboard animation process works, take a look at our animation guidelines for a step by step explanation. For a whiteboard animation quote, please fill out the contact form below and we will be right back to you within 24 hours.